You Don’t Get Any Vacation

Your employment contract probably doesn’t have paid vacation.



It includes the amount of time you don’t need to come in, during which you’ll be covered by your benefits and receive a check, but it’s not paid.



Since you’re paid on productivity, the time you spend not-working will reduce your overall compensation.



This is an unusual state of affairs. I guarantee that your administrator yearly salary isn’t docked for the 2-3 weeks a year they don’t work.



Remember that when you review your contract.



Point out that the vacation they offer isn’t paid.



Tell your prospective employer that you want each vacation week to be accredited with your average weekly productivity measure.



They’ll probably say no. They’ll probably say, “This is our contract. We don’t negotiate. Take it or leave it.”



But increasingly I’ve seen health systems say “ok.”



You’ll never know unless you try.