You Are Here?


The ever-insightful Charles Hugh Smith describes the “S-Curve of Centralization.”





Bloomberg reports on the financial distress and consolidation in the healthcare sector, leading to the question:



On the “S-Curve of Centralization”, where is healthcare?



Which leads to even harder questions:




Given your massive investment in training, what are the implications for your future career plans?  How will you leverage your investment for maximum personal fulfillment?



This space is usually reserved for high-value tactics.



Actions that you can take to immediately improve your condition.



But sometimes the strategic is tactical.



If I were at a different point in my career, the questions raised by these two writings would demand a close (and uncomfortable) re-examination of my future plans.



So much of what we do as professionals; clinicians, administrators, is reflexive. We get caught up in the current of our careers and years later find ourselves in a place we never thought we would be. The distractions of life call our attention away from essential thoughtfulness.



And if there is one word that sums up practicing medicine today, it’s “distraction.”



My high-value tip today is intention, reflection, and thought.



Ruminate on the questions above, take the time to answer them with brutal honesty—the same brutal honesty you bring to self-criticism.



And then act with intention.








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