What’s Missing From the New Medicare Advantage Finder Site?



There’s one thing missing from the new Medicare Advantage Plan Finder Site.



If you choose an HMO plan, you still need a referral from a PCP to see a specialist.



The pricing of the Medicare Advantage plans you see on the site make Medicare Advantage HMOs look pretty good compared to traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage PPOs (check out the differences here).



But if you like the freedom of seeing the doctor you want, the pricing of HMOs may not look so good.





  • Medicare Advantage HMO—consider if:
    • If you have your own personal physician and wouldn’t see a specialist without their ok.
    • Don’t mind a limited number of specialists to choose from.
    • Travel overseas a lot (Medicare Advantage can cover care costs incurred outside the country, traditional Medicare usually won’t)


  • Medicare Advantage PPO (find out the differences compared to an HMO here)–consider if:
    • You like the extra benefits of Medicare Advantage but don’t want be restricted by the referral process
    • Don’t mind a limited number of specialists to choose from (possibly more limited than an HMO)
    • Travel overseas a lot. (PPOs can cover care costs, too)


  • Traditional Medicare—consider if:
    • You don’t care about the extra benefits Medicare Advantage offers
    • Want the maximum choice of specialists (though, not all doctors take Medicare)
    • Don’t plan on traveling overseas.


The finder is good for window shopping, but when it’s time to buy—only buy through your insurance home!