We Optimize What We Measure

…so you better be careful what you decide to measure.




Optimization carries costs. Financial costs, opportunity costs.




And in healthcare, it also carries the cost of the burden it puts on your medical staff.




If you’re risk-sharing under Medicare Advantage, consider what you measure.




You really should only be measuring two things:

  • What percentage of patients were seen for their annual visit in the past calendar year? (95% is the goal).
  • What is the net financial performance of my Medicare Advantage contract (or individual panel if you’re a single prime)?




As you optimize your performance under those two metrics you’ll uncover all sorts of interesting information about how to do better.




I know. I know what I’m proposing is radical—but it’s also cheaper and will push your performance much higher.




Let your insurance partner worry about meeting STAR ratings. STAR ratings are supposed to be about delivering good care. Free your medical staff to do just that.




Intellectual workers require Mastery, Autonomy and a Sense a Service to be fulfilled.




Sharing risk under a global cap through a Medicare Advantage contract will do just that—-




—that is if you limit your measuring to things that matter.