Watch For Services That Identify the Chief Complaint

In the ER or UC there were always those clinicians who coasted by picking up the easiest patients.




The colds, the UTIs, the yeast infections.




I’ve noticed the same thing happening in telemedicine.




In telemedicine systems that allow clinicians to know the chief complaint before picking up, there are those clinicians who only treat the easiest cases.




I recently spoke to one who told me she’s credentialed across six services and eight states but only takes UTIs.








“I always treat, they’re never emergencies and each one takes less than a minute.”




It’s certainly a strategy, but not one I would recommend. The brevity of her visits will catch up with her one day—and she’s cheating herself of revenue she could otherwise enjoy.




I know that many clinicians want to know what’s behind the door before they knock, but with telemedicine, there are may clinicians competing to knock on the same door.




That’s why you might want to be careful of services that allow the clinician to cherry-pick the calls they’ll take.



Unless you’re constantly monitoring for encounters, you’ll find yourself left with taking care of more complicated problems for no additional pay.