Want the best, most responsive medical care?

Want the best, most responsive medical care?

Think small!

The larger the organization, the more you should try to avoid using it as the source of your primary care.

Sure, the larger organizations have tons of resources, connectivity gizmos and heaps of extra help like “care management.”

But the decisions of how to use them to your benefit are made by people you’ll never meet.

And they may have priorities other than giving you tailored healthcare.

They might be more interested in “co-marketing” other services to you. Or selling your data.

Who knows what impresses their boss.

In a smaller practice, you’ll know.

Sitting across from you is your doctor—and their reputation rises and falls based on how well they take care of you.

They’ll have real skin in the game.

Your employed clinician?

They clock out at five.

The corporate medicine executive?

He has none at all.

So, don’t be a tool and trust your health to some MBA who sees you as a data point on a ledger.

Find a doctor who works in a small practice, preferably one they own themselves

At you’ll get great healthcare tailored specifically to your needs.