Upon Finding a Healthcare Organization With “Clinician Wellbeing” as Part of its Mission Statement

I finally found a health system who has the wellbeing of their clinicians as part of their mission statement—but I had to practice telemedicine to do it.



Telemedicine services badly need physician labor.



And the labor has to be happy to please their customers.



In addition, most telemedicine services have an “on-demand” component. There’s no “non-compete,” no significant disruption for the clinician if they decide to simply stop taking encounters.



So these companies really, really, have to keep their clinicians satisfied.



And you, as an independent provider, have a lot of leverage.



But the market allows them to only pay docs so much.



So, they concentrate on the experience. Support.   Ease of workflow.  Accuracy and rapidity of pay.



They even put clinician satisfaction in their mission statement.




The difference in the experience compared to a corp-med job is considerable, startling even.




And wonderful to experience.



I suggest you do.