Trust Yourself




I’m credentialled with multiple telemedicine services.



One does not want me to manage tick bites but will allow me to prescribe muscle relaxants.



On the spectrum of risk, that makes no sense.



Use each telemedicine services list of “don’ts” as the foundation of your care plans. Then, rely on a generally recognized resource such as Up To Date for your care plan decisions.




In the case cited above, I still wouldn’t be treating tick bites, but I also wouldn’t be prescribing muscle relaxants either—and I would have a care guideline to fall back on if the patient complained I wasn’t doing what they wanted (it happens—and if it happens too frequently, I stop working with the service).




Using this tactic simplifies my care plan options so I can create one during an encounter efficiently and safely.




And I don’t have to lose sleep over worrying whether or not I did the right thing.