The Law of the ATOM

The Lexicon of Value


The Law of the ATOM*


An immutable and all-powerful truth.


Whenever anything becomes too expensive relative to the value provided, particularly if the inflated price is the result of artificial government intervention in markets, a technological solution invariably replaces the expensive, cumbersome incumbent, no matter what the incumbent’s advantages in money and influence.


And the incumbent invariably meets the technologic solution with the same series of defensive responses in the same order—regulatory pushback, then coopting through market acquisition enforced with threats of deep-pocket competition, and finally extinction.


See also taxis (Yellow cab vs. Uber), financial advising (Morgan Stanely vs WealthFront), retail (Sears and K-mart vs Amazon).



Healthcare 2018:  (Corpmed vs ?????).



Does this mean AI is going to replace physicians? Or will bottom up “gig” providers topple corpmed once the government dollars slow down?


Perhaps both.


Perhaps neither.


But when you look at value vs. cost in healthcare, the law states that something’s gonna give.


And when things change, they do so a little bit at a time–and then all at once.


if your money or career is on the line, best to get ahead of the curve now before the rapid change.


So you can get there first.


*Accelerating TechnoOnomic Medium—no, really.





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