The Specialist Advantage


Procedure-dependent specialist are sensing the instability of their referral streams as they see primary care services fragment.

And I’ve yet to meet one specialist division that’s satisfied it can thrive on internal referrals alone.

Fortunately, as a specialist at the top of your field, you have a secret weapon.

Your own skill.

If you’re accepting one or more Medicare Advantage plans, reach out to your allied primes.

Make them see the asset you can be within their Medicare Advantage panel.

Come armed with data about how effective and efficient you can be. Come with workflows to smooth the referral processes—including one for a “needs to be seen right now” path.  Create a system for continued collaboration between administrative staff, with routine reinforcement among the clinical leadership.

Fix their problem—outsized costs from inefficient procedure-heavy specialty care. Emphasize how only you, among all the available options, “get it”—and are there to help.

Demonstrate your value, stabilize your referral stream.

And watch how your new value-based relationships amplify your fee-for-service referrals as well.