The Most Important Clause in Your Employment Contract

It’s your non-compete.



Your employment contract is very one-sided.



It’s only as good as a judge will enforce.



And getting to a judge can be very expensive.



Your employer has far more legal resources to take you to court and enforce their interpretation of your contract.



They also have no scruples about manipulating the legal system to do get their way.



They will bleed you dry.



Legal precedents limit non-competes in professional contracts to around 1 year and 15 miles (with some variation).



Ask for as limited a non-compete as you can. That way, when you want to walk away you’ll have as few restrictions as possible on your options.



You’ll usually have very little wiggle room when you’re presented with your contract. Your employer usually employs a “take it or leave it” approach.



But such wiggle room as you have should be focused on your non-compete clause.



That’s the hill you want to die on.



And if it’s too restrictive, you’ll need to be prepared to walk away.