The Congratulations Test


Many of my clients are clinicians looking for a change, and I help them along their journey.


Many are scared—the unknown, the uncertain always gives one pause.


So I prep them with the “Congratulations Test.”


When it becomes known you are leaving your organization, if more than three fellow co-workers spontaneously come up to you and offer “Congratulations,” then you know you made the right decision.


So far every client I’ve worked with has experienced more than three congratulations—their workplaces were just so bad.  That’s why they’re leaving them.


Prepping them with the “Congratulations Test” heartened them that they making a change was the correct decision.


Now  if you’re the boss, you really don’t want to hear your employees saying “Congratulations” to a departing fellow employee—you want to hear “You’re leaving? Why?”


If you hear your employees congratulating  departing co-workers like they just made parole, you’re doing something wrong.


And I guarantee you’re leaving money on the table.






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