Telemedicine Thursday—The Anatomy of a Telemedicine Offer

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Just got off the phone from a recruiter with an offer of a full-time telemedicine position—let’s dissect it as I would when you’ve retained me as your own personal mentor.



“Full-time” 90% audio, 10% video—800 visits a month minimum, two 6p-MN shifts and two full weekend days per month, one major holiday per year required.


How much:

Approx 125K base with per encounter bonuses—about $221k if you take the 9600 minimum calls per year. Plus medical, dental,$1m/$3m occurrence malpractice insurance and other standard benefits. Four weeks “vacation” meaning that you wouldn’t have to do the minimums for that week.


What do you think?

800 calls a month is an AWFUL LOT. There’s no guarantee of volume so without some protection, you could be sitting on your computer for 18 hours a day in July and August waiting for a call, I’d demand a minimum time commitment before I’d consider—the provider’s reassurances of volume “not being a problem” are worthless.  Shift schedule is a lot better than some I’ve seen, as are the benefits.


Bottom line:

You’d be working a whole bunch and you’d be making about the same if you had your own practice—including benefits—with a lot less flexibility.  If you’re not ready to make the leap to your own practice, this offer is something to consider.  If you’re ready to strike out on your own—hard pass, it would require a 25% decrease in minimum or a 25% increase in salary to consider this opportunity seriously.


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