Telemedicine and Medicare Advantage

Telemedicine and Medicare Advantage

Telemedicine will be part of the Medicare Advantage package in 2020.

The number of telemedicine companies is increasing rapidly, even as the industry consolidates.

They hope to establish themselves and then be bought up in the telemedicine frenzy that’s upon us.

These companies will push their cost-savings even as they reach into your pocket.

If you don’t risk-share, if your clinicians are paid fee-for-service and have no interest in creating a value-generating bond with their patients, then by all means consider these services.

Just remember, these services will be a cost-center, a drag on your financial performance for years to come.

If you do risk-share, though, here’s something much less effective and completely free.

Have your primes give out their personal phone numbers to their patients.

It’s rarely abused, incredibly efficient and really makes your organization stand out.

Educate your clinicians as to how much their compensation will improve with this simple intervention.  They’ll shy away at first, they haven’t really been trained in how to be a full-spectrum primary care physician—they’ve been groomed to work on the factory floor.

But once it’s been modeled for them through a mentor and a few other brave souls, they’ll give it a try.

Your organization, your clinicians and your patients will all love the results.

You will have turned a cost-center into a profit-center.

Without spending a dime.