Sunday Update

So you can be the smartest one at the water cooler


Managed Medicaid giant Centene becoming a major Medicare Advantage player.

The more competition, the better. But I hope they understand that managed care Medicare is a whole different beast than managed care Medicaid.

The margins may be fatter, but the beneficiaries are infinitely more discriminating—and demanding.



The Medicare Rights Center speaks

I don’t know who really funds them, but included as an example of how the coercive push of the chronically ill into Medicare Advantage plans won’t come without some pushback.




Just 10% of MA chronically ill patients receive care notices

I don’t know if this is right.  MA patients say that the constant pestering by their insurers is a major drawback of the plans. I can’t imagine what that would be like if it was increased to what this article implies it should be.





How to address Medicare Advantage beneficiary disenrollment

An excellent, valuable read.




Inside the decision to expand MA benefits—and not pay insurers extra to do so.

From Forbes, but still—facinating.





Anthem looking forward to MA performance and expansion

They have a long way to go to catch United.





In a world of limited resources, someone has a financial interest in the amount of healthcare you purchase.  If not your personal physician, then who would you rather it be?”