Sunday Update

This week, we have a roundup of the initial reaction to the 2019 Medicare Payment changes.

As you might expect, the stakeholders are squealing—all except for my fellow medical coders. And it’s the coders who are most likely to lose their jobs over these changes.

So, if you work with one, be especially nice to them.

They’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty.


Medscape: Medicare Will Likely Face Pushback on Payment Changes

Here’s the Cardiologist’s take. They’re getting hit harder than most.

Here’s Policy and Medicine’s view

And here’s the ever-insightful Revenue Cycle Intelligence

And here’s a little different take from Compass Health.

The New York Times has devoted considerable print on the issue this week, most notabley here (paywall).

Finally, here’s NPR’s contrarian ideas—these last two links provided to give you some idea of what’s being reported to the general public.

May you live in interesting times.