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Medical coding going global

Medical coding is a luxury item in populations where the risks to health are acute, like malaria.

Once those risk transition to chronic conditions, then you have the time to devote to data collection.

This is a reflection of life expectancies growing in the third world, and chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension growing with it.



Medicare Advantage cuts adversely affecting Puerto Rico

PR has always been on my radar as a tabla rasa opportunity for the philanthropist/insurer to use Medicare Advantage to create a universal healthcare system which actually works—and make a “profit.”

I hope someone tries.

BTW, the “cuts” are actually “lower increases.”




United Healthcare acquires another 63K lives

Their march for market share is inexorable, but you can play, too.

For one thing, The big boys are much more interested in giving advantageous contracts to independent providers than those in large groups—it’s an incredible opportunity for any who will seize it.



Reforming the Medicare Advantage competitive bidding process

The Brooking Institute is front-running some reforms that will be essential if we are eventually going to transition to “Medicare Advantage for All.”



One “STAR” improvement can increase your Medicare Advantage revenue by 17%

The math is kind of a reach but it would certainly explain why patients sometimes refer to Medicare Advantage as “pestering” insurance due to all the phone calls to get their screening tests.