Sunday Update

Molding you into a Medicare Advantage Master



MA patients spend less time in rehab

Isolated data points like these drive me crazy.

The big question is whether they do better and spend less money afterward?



Consumers more “enthusiastic” about their Medi-gap purchases compared to Medicare Advantage.

I’m not sure what “enthusiastic” means, but I wonder if it will continue once mandatory monthly out of pocket costs hit next year.




Prime Health’s lawsuit against Human’s underpayments can continue

Without trust and partnership, Medicare Advantage turns into just another Fee-For-Service payment system.

And we all know how that turned out.



UHC states MA penetrance nationally will exceed 50%

The most mature market, the west coast, is finding it hard to get past 40.  That last 10% is going to be expensive to acquire and maintain.



Do larger health insurance subsidies benefit patients or providers?

An excellent question.

Read and find out.