Sunday Links

The Font of All (Medicare Advantage) Wisdom


Forbes’ coverage of the open enrollment kick-off

There’s more and more coverage of Medicare Advantage in the business press.

I wonder why that is?



Too many denials has led at least one health system to terminate its relationship with a national MAO

Scale this response and the use of denials as a source of cost control may decrease.




Is Medicare Advantage three-card monte?

Not if it’s done right.




Optimism increasing among skilled nursing CFOs, though Medicare Advantage a source of headaches

It wouldn’t be a source of headaches if SNFs would focus on providing the efficient care the patient’s and their clinicians require.




United’s massive MA success continues

Why?  They employ my model of embedded mentorship.

I should charge them royalties—I did it first




Don’t alienate your specialists’by nickel and diming them to death. Instead, appeal to their mastery and sense of service by pushing them on immediate access and efficiency.  After all, that’s where the real cost-saving are.