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Come and get it!



Most of the MA links across the web this week are consumer advocacy pieces written in local publications.

They would all do better to simply refer patients here.

–yet one more example of how Medicare Advantage has gone mainstream. The ACA was supposed to be funded by dramatic cuts to the program. If you made a bet in 2009 (as I did) that it would be the fastest growing payment model ten years later, you would have hit it big.





Since I only link to articles which will bring you high value, I’ll avoid all those local links in favor of a national issue which has filled my in-box this week


With all the kerfuffle surrounding the release of the major Presidential candidate’s healthcare plans, use this report as  a guide to help you evaluate how each measures up to objective standards.


I’ve received a ton of emails from connections and future clients asking about the impact of Elizabeth Warren’s plan on the Medicare Advantage program.


My advice to all—don’t worry about it.


The program will be around in one form or another no matter what program is enacted—Medicare Advantage Organizations simply have too much political clout.






Serve your patients well, and the future will take care of itself.