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Since we’re in the “doldrums” of the Medicare Advantage calendar, I’m going to take a moment to preen—

I’ve been doing these updates on one platform or another for more than five years—Becker’s Hospital Review has started ripping off my idea.

Their links are good, mine are better.

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Another example of a “tech-centered” value-based care start-up

I’m certain the docs here mean well, but there’s no discussion about what has been proven to work—financial rip-sharing with educated, mentored primes.

Everything else just adds another layer of cost.

See also:  What 5 physician execs say to other MDs seeking payer leadership roles

More expensive gobbledygook. Just give your primes skin in the game, the system to support them and the freedom to innovate.

The results will astonish—and be inexpensive.





The comment period on CMS’s proposed changes to recovery audits closed on August 28th and both insurers and doctor’s groups went public with their criticism (spoiler alert: they don’t like it).

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Under Medicare Advantage, speciality services, hospitalizations, testing—they’re all cost-centers.

The only profit center is your primes.