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Private insurers shouldn’t fear Medicare Advantage


So says Forbes.


Part of the full-court press for Medicare Advantage.


And they’re right.


The political influence that healthcare dollars will buy is limitless.


When healthcare is paid for by the government, healthcare decisions become political.


Medicare Advantage in some form is a horse to ride—until the money runs out or becomes worthless.





I was going to do a brief summary of the MedPAC report, but this oneis just as good as any I could do.




This is the first of a three-partreport from the Health Affairs Blog about how to move to a form of “Medicare-for-All” called “Medicare Direct.”


Spoiler alert: It envisions circumventing the political process and broadening the availability of coverage by regulatory fiat—and thus under control of the regulators (for regulators, read insurers).


Health Affairs blog is a great way to front-run the thinking of the healthcare establishment. The ACA, HITECH, Medicare Advantage expansion were all seen here first.


Why one should think “Medicare Direct” will be better than any of these initiatives is unclear.


What is clear is that if you’re in the business of providing healthcare, you best strengthen your provider networks. If something even close to this happens, you’ll be flooded with low or negative margin demand.





Get ahead of the money and you won’t often be wrong.