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Medicare Advantage insurers may get billions in overpayments





From the files of “Medicare Advantage Pushback…”

People who sign up for Medicare Advantage have lower spending before they sign up

As we’ve been discussing in my newsletter, take all those industry-sponsored studies about cost savings with an enormous grain of salt.

When entitlement reform finally becomes a necessity, these overpayments will be first on the block.

How will your organization fare?





Medicare Advantage enrollment keeps growing

Actually, the headline should be that the rate of growth is slowing.

And that’s worrisome if you’re business model depends on the opposite.





A nice little summary of the new Medicare Advantage telemedicine benefit

If increased access to healthcare results in decreased costs, it will be for the first time in human history.






If a policy or procedure assists in nurturing the creation of a strong clinician-patient relationship—it’s good.

If it doesn’t—it’s bad.



It’s that simple.