Sunday Links

It’s not who you know, it’s what you know!


CMS sends MAOs notification that they will start collecting data in 2020 and begin eliminating low performing plans in 2023

Three “3-STAR” ratings in a row and an MAO’s plan can be terminated by CMS.


Its authority to do this was temporarily rescinded by the 21st Century Care Act but that change was not extended past its expiration at the end of this year.


The earliest a plan can be terminated will be 2023—look for the CMS’ termination authority to limited by Congress again before then.




AHIP’s response to CMS’s recent call letters

Spoiler:  They don’t like anything that costs them money.




Why the prices of some Medicare Supplements can vary so dramatically

An excellent primer




HSAs for Medicare Beneficiaries?

It’ll help the working elderly and those with money, but not most others




Even the Motley Fool goes all in recommending Medicare Advantage.

I wonder how much they were paid?




Risk-sharing under Medicare Advantage?

If it engenders the relationship between patient and prime—it’s good

If it doesn’t, it’s bad.

Good. Bad. It’s that simple