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The pushback against Medicare Advantage in the popular press is growing. To whit:


Fight a denied Medicare Advantage claim ( Chicago Tribune)

The Medicare Advantage Advantage for insurers—A sweet deal

The Personal Toll of a Medicare Advantage Whistleblower (New Yorker)



Have you noticed movies now have statements in the credit that “the creation of this movie generated 15,000 jobs…” The studios are using their platforms to promote their government subsidies.

Look for the same sort of PR from Medicare Advantage Organizations as this pushback gains steam. They’ll tout improved prevention or access to care.

I’ll be watching—and if I see any changes that result in real value rather than puffery, I’ll let you know.




How Medicare Advantage Plans are Paid

not nearly as good as my primer here (10,000 views and counting), but interesting nonetheless.



Competition and Medicare Advantage Costs

And interesting peer-reviewed study.

(spoiler alert: The less competition, the higher the costs)




Why Medicare Advantage isn’t the best option for most seniors

I strongly disagree with his arguments, having read his book.

That said, it’s another sign of the backlash.

See my Tomism below




The only metric that really matters is how deeply engaged your patients are with their primes.