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Private Medicare enrollment soars even as talk of Medicare For All increases

From Forbes

Every Medicare For All proposal consists of healthcare funded and executed by the government only. No private insurance of any kind.

There are pros and cons, but Medicare Advantage is not part of any plan.

Not one.



Medicare Advantage growth exploding not slowing

Renown Healthcare


Even Google


The narrative of “slowing” Medicare Advantage growth is battlefield preparation as organizations try to manage expectations in a market that’s starting to mature.



Common Medicare Advantage advise for Skilled Nursing Providers may be wrong.

Of course, it’s wrong, That’s why I wrote this book.

Providers that have used the advice therein have prospered.




Part II of CMS’s Advanced Notice released last week.

So much to chew on.

Bottom line: You’re going to have to work more to generate less revenue.

The trend is small, but it’s definitely there.

Look for it to intensify.

The solution?  Partner with and love your Primes—they will be your key to success.




Medicare Advantage is based on the idea that while you can’t cure every. patient, you can care for every one—and the more effective your care, the better you perform.