Sunday Links

So that’s her secret!



Apple Watch as a Medicare Advantage benefit?

It’s not the government’s money anymore, it’s the insurers.

There is absolutely no data to support Apple Watches as cost-effective interventions.

From a business standpoint, they’re sexy and market well—from saving money on care costs?  Who knows.

Look for a lot more of this—until competitive bidding shaves everyone’s margins.





HIT tax moratorium prevented a 55% increase in Medicare Advantage premia for seniors

Created as a method to fund the ACA, it’s never been fully implemented.

With the growth of MA, it’s an enormous cash cow.

What will happen to the enrollment in your MA plan if your senior’s premia increase by half again?





MA enrollment growth bad for lab services

The same thing happened in primary care ten years ago.

Forced consolidation reached the point that the previous primary care base couldn’t be recreated even if you wanted to.

The result? less competition among fewer providers.

Lab service providers worry (appropriately) that they’re being commoditized out of business.

Welcome to the party, pal.





Industry sees slower enrollment growth in 2019 for MA plans

They’re underpromising so they can over deliver.






Battlefield Preparation for Competitive-Bidding for MA plan and Medicare-For-All






If it’s not hard, it’s probably not worth doing.