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Eight things your Medicare Advantage patients don’t know about their plans or their providers that may surprise you

From a survey of 781 members though Helathmine.

CMS insiders tell me that they take independent surveys like this very seriously.





AMGA backs Telehealth expansion.

When the industry group which has captured the regulators is publicly on-board, it’s full steam ahead.

Pushback like this will merely be a speed bump





Time was legal aid societies couldn’t be bothered to help defrauded Medicare Advantage beneficiaries—now they are seeking them out.

An insurance home is better, but your local legal aid society is still an excellent resource that you can refer your distressed patients to.






Pennsylvania lawmakers ask CMS to intervene in a market dispute between two large Medicare Advantage plans.

Presented as an example of how the increasing significance of private Medicare results in CMS becoming an arm of the Department of Commerce—without any of the expertise.

Another reason for them to push competitive bidding—at least for this administration. It’ll let the market sort out these types of disputes.






Medicare Advantage patients with chronic pain will have to get their care outside their plan

That’s the bottom line of these new rules that reflect the 2016 prescribing guidelines.

Look for MA plans to trumpet their declining opioid use rates—and keep in mind why their data is flawed.





Once you get ahead of the curve, you can bend the curve to come to you.