Sunday Links

You are so ahead of the curve!!!



Industry group behind pushing Medicare Advantage

Is this really a surprise?





Does Medicare Advantage help control opioid use?

A supermajority of opioid prescriptions are written by a small number of clinicians—and those clinicians are much less likely to practice within a Medicare Advantage plan.

it’s that simple.

Correlation is not the same as causation.




Senior housing increasingly collaborating with Medicare Advantage plans

My partners and I did this twenty years ago and enjoyed spectacular success.




The Washington Post’s take on Medicare Advantage provider directories

It’s not very complimentary




Designer glasses available under Medicare Advantage plans for a fraction of retail

This type of premium designed to entice enrollees will go away completely once competitive bidding is up and running.





It’s so rare for a clinician to intervene personally on their patient’s behalf that doing it just once will win you loyalty beyond the reach of princes—with all the value such loyalty brings.