Sunday Links

Even during Thanksgiving!?!?!?!?!?


Humana rides the Medicare Advantage wave.

First United, now Humana—can the Coventry and the Blues be far behind



Proposed revisions to Medicaid managed care rules

No matter what they do, it still won’t be profitable unless the insurers restrict access to needed care—Medicaid is simply too underfunded.

Maybe they should risk-share with their primes?

Hounding state legislatures for more money is getting tiresome.



First summary of Medicare Advantage in 2019 from the Kaiser Family Foundation

KFF always has some serious axes to grind, but still interesting.



Seniors due to take a HIT (Health Insurance Tax) in 2020

A political advocacy article, but also an interesting analysis of an issue far too few seniors know anything about.



The pros and cons of switching to Medicare Advantage

Hundreds of such articles out there, most of them poor—this one is not bad.

Here’s another pretty good one.  Mind the source, though.




“No one ever made a nickel in Medicare Advantage by denying needed care.”