Success Strategy for Primary Care Clinicians

Find a job with a reasonable base salary plus incentives.

Make sure your contract gives you the ability to moonlight.

Then ,put in just enough time to earn your base, forget the rest—the amount you take home from those incentives will never be worth the amount of effort you have to put in to achieve it.

Don’t believe me?  Work it out on a “per hour” basis.

Even if the effort did pay off, most likely that “effort” would consist almost exclusively of additional data entry at the computer.  Is that why you became a healer?

Instead, use the extra time that you would have spent sitting at a computer and put it towards something somewhat more clinical.

Tele-health, independent medical exams, even expert witnessing.

All will payoff at a far greater rate per hour than trying to reach metric-based bonuses.

And you’ll be doing something you’ll enjoy.

And if you provide those services through a limited liability company that you set up, with the tax benefits, the payoff will be greater still.