Success Codes The Next Generation—The Three Year Mission


Your journey through the academy is complete, my mission objective fulfilled.



But your mission is about to begin.



To summarize:



  • Your strategy

Address, document and submit as many risk-based diagnostic codes as appropriate for each patient—all while staying reasonably sane.




  • Your tactic

Submit yourself to the idea that the common risk codes associated with specialty interventions—Acute MI, Stroke, Lung Cancer, will all be submitted without your help.  Don’t kill yourself trying to make sure they are caught each year, simply take as a matter of faith that such submission will occur.

Concentrate on the handful of conditions that you, and only you as the patient’s personal clinician, can catch, address and submit every year.  These codes are too abstract for the coding extraction tools your EHR software uses, too subtle for the back office risk-coders to find.

They’re the ones no one else will collect.

They’re the ones that’ll bring you outsized financial performance.

They’re your Success Codes!




  • Your tools
  1. Your passion for professional autonomy
  2. Your clinical discernment
  3. And soon, by popular demand, the Success Codes Reference Toolset that will empower you to achieve the clinical independence and tremendous financial performance your effort and skills deserve.



So you have the tools and you have the talent.


Add some time—and prosper.