How to Succeed Wildly Under a Medicare Advantage Contract

How to Succeed Wildly Under a Medicare Advantage Contract

Take care of sick patients.

New readers of my blog may not be familiar with Mr. Biondo’s story.

He was a very ill man when he first came to see me.

He used the power of Medicare Advantage to get better—much better.

There is a recent large industry study recently released looking at Medicare Advantage patients.

The sicker the patients, the better they did.

Personally, professionally, financially—everyone involved, the patient, the clinicians, the insurers, even the government did better.

Those who I have mentored have the toughest time wrapping their mind around this concept. Sometimes I just have to tell them to accept the fact that sicker patients are better.

I have never been proved wrong.

Don’t shy away from taking on very ill patients under Medicare Advantage. It’s designed to reward you, your skills and your hard work.

Grow your panel.

Submit your data.

Give your patients great care.

In this system, the sicker the patient, the better everyone involved thrives