How Do You Succeed at Medicare Advantage?

How Do You Succeed at Medicare Advantage?

Want your organization’s Medicare Advantage contract to succeed wildly?

The time to take action is now.

Right now, this month, invite all the local insurance agents to your practice for a meeting.

Have some coffee and some doughnuts and talk about the upcoming open enrollment period.

Ask questions. Address their concerns.

See what you can do to help each other help the patients.

Have your doctors stop by for a grip and grin.

Build relationships.

That kind of engagement is pure gold.

It helps everybody.  And when patients ask their insurance agent who they should choose as their PCP, your organization will be the first that comes to mind.

But June/July is when you have to do it to have the most impact.

So, make arrangement now.

Your efforts will pay dividends for years to come.