Skilled Nursing Facilities

Higher patient copays for skilled nursing service doesn’t limit the duration of stays.

That’s the conclusion of a well designed and high-power study comparing skilled nursing utilization against the amount of patient co-pays.

The primary driver of your skilled nursing services isn’t patient out-of-pocket costs, it’s the engagement of your clinicians in making sure the required care is being delivered efficiently.

Patients don’t want to be in skilled nursing any more than you want them to be.

The skilled nursing facilities, however, want to maximize stays and reimbursement.

They will work against your best interests and try to keep the patients there as long as they can, appealing every approval, working every angle, co-opting your care managers.

Those care managers can help, but without engaged clinicians there is a limit to what they can do.

How much of a limit?

Align your clinician’s financial interests with your own through risk-sharing. Train them in how to operate under a risk-sharing contract. Get them into your nursing homes.

And find out just how much the burden of your skilled nursing costs can improve.