Simplicity Works

Fear complexity.


Complexity makes your system fragile to constant regulatory change.


Complexity generates costs that eat away at your gross.


Complexity creates distractions, serving itself at the expense of labor that generates actual value.


But complexity is very difficult to avoid.  It’s sexy. It makes you look important. It supports authority.


The greatest challenge I have with my clients is overcoming complexity.


Creating a recognition that complexity is an energy vampire—consuming resources that should be spent on innovation.


That’s why I personally don’t consult on complexity. I consult on simplicity.


People and organizations pay me a lot of money to answer the question “How can we make this simple?”


You don’t have to pay me.  Clinician, organization, or insurer here’s your blueprint:




  • Learn the few risk codes you absolutely need to know and how to submit them properly.
  • Learn to avoid the hidden cost centers in our inefficient healthcare system.
  • Take good care of your patients.
  • Scale through hiring more personal clinicians, not but overworking primes and using primary care surrogates like “managed care champions” and “virtual care” to fill the gaps.
  • Deliver care through shared-risk contracting—so you can compensate clinicians based on the capitation they generate minus the resources they spend.




Without all the distractions, an average prime can make a fine living with 300 patients. And an astonishing living with 500. More patients than that and results deteriorate.


That’s really all there is to incredible success.


Complexity should be your weathervane, your yardstick.


Learn to recognize it as a vice, an enemy—and run from it.


It’s that simple.




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