A Simple Roadmap for Your Professional Success


For Clinicians and Clinicians-to-be.


As the compensation for your labor is reduced over the next three, revolutionary years, it’s time to take a simple test.


Are you . . .

  1. In a practice small enough to be excluded from MACRA/MIPS?
  2. Getting the majority of your revenue from direct patient payments?
  3. Getting the majority of your revenue through shared-risk from a managed care program such as Medicare advantage?


If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you’re probably going to be ok.


If not, you need to get into a situation where one of these conditions is true—immediately.


And if you’re an employed clinician, you definitely need to begin the process now.  As revenue decreases hit, Lord knows what demands are going to be placed on you in the name of corporate goals.


You’re not going to like what’s coming.


At the very least It’ll rob you of joy time“.


At the worst, well, take steps so it won’t come to this , , ,











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