As compensation formulae become increasingly complex, far too many excellent physicians are simply checking out.  Ineffectively supported by their leadership and without adequate business training, they throw themselves into the care of their patients, trying to forget the treadmill of regulations and metrics used to justify the cuts in their payments. Many are far down the path that leads to disengagement, burnout, and depression.

There is a better way.

A proactive approach to your compensation will allow you to take control and practice medicine the way you want.  Dr. Tom Davis is an expert at helping physicians leverage their compensation formulae to empower themselves in creating the medical practice they want and deliver the care their patients deserve. With long personal experience and expertise in the new world of value-based and shared-risk contracting, he offers his unique Mentorship for Physicians services to help other doctors reap all the benefits of value-based and shared-risk care.

Mentorship for Physicians includes the following powerful offerings:

  • One-on-one training in value-based, shared-risk care systems such as Medicare Advantage.
  • Step-by-step guidance on personally capturing the value you actually generate.
  • Expert insight on how to practice successful medicine under risk-based contracts.
  • Training on identifying, addressing and correctly documenting diagnostic risk-codes for revenue generation and retention with peace of mind.
  • A plan to help you increase your capitation rates while providing excellent, efficient patient care.

Under Dr. Tom’s expert guidance, physicians gain the freedom and sense of control to provide care how, where, and when they deem appropriate for their patients. Participants walk away with more resources to fund important care innovations at their practices, better compensation and a thorough understanding of their shared-risk and value-based contracts.

Mentorship for Success Are you working as hard as you can but feel that there’s something that’s just not quite right?  Whether you practice independently or are employed within a group, join the ranks of physicians who have leveraged Tom’s Mentorship for Physicians and engage your value-based and shared-risk care systems with the mastery you deserve.

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