You, the Nurse Practitioner, provide the majority of primary care in our nation today. Yet, all too often your role goes under-appreciated, under-supported, and under-compensated by the very organizations who depend on you so much.  Complex compensation formulae, inadequate business training and self-contradicting metrics can force you to simply check out on your collaborators and yourself.  One day, you wake up to find yourself walking a path that inevitably leads to disengagement, depression and burnout.

There is a better way.

A proactive approach to understanding both your compensation and the responsibilities required to earn it will let you take control and live your life the way you want.  Dr. Tom Davis is an expert at empowering Nurse Practitioners to leverage their compensation formulae. He will empower you to create the life you desire and deliver the excellent care your patients deserve. With long personal experience and expertise in the new world of value-based and shared-risk contracting, Tom offers his unique Mentorship for Nurse Practitioner services to NPs just like you, letting you reap all the benefits of value-based and shared-risk care.

PRACTICING WITH CONFIDENCE  Having worked with and supervised the training of scores of Nurse Practitioners for over two decades, Dr. Davis understands the challenges Nurse Practitioners face delivering care every day. Through his expert Mentoring for Nurse Practitioners service, Tom supplements traditional training, to help you build clinical confidence, improve your professional relationships and help you serve your patients with care that is only the very best. Through this collaboration, you’ll thoroughly understand the mechanics of your compensation system, develop mastery of value-based and shared-risk care delivery systems and navigate the new world of healthcare with confidence, autonomy and success.

Tom’s powerful Mentoring for Nurse Practitioners includes:

  • One-on-one collaboration that’s working only for your interests; trusted, impartial, unbiased.
  • Expert guidance in generating the greatest possible value from your individual compensation formula.
  • In-depth education on providing exceptional care under value-based, shared-risk payment contracts.
  • Mentorship to help you improve your collaborative relationships with administrators, physicians and patients.
  • Development of clinical confidence in decision making and care-referral choices.

To succeed, as the complexity of compensation calculations increases, it’s more important than ever that nurse practitioners receive training and support that is nothing short of exceptional. Unfortunately, whether through lack of resources or lack of respect, most physicians and organization fail to effectively provide either.  Doctor or Masters, whether you practice independently, under the supervision of a physician or within a larger organization, Tom is dedicated to helping you acquire a reputation for unparalleled mastery.

Are you working as hard as you can but feel that there’s something that’s just not quite right? Join the ranks of Nurse Practitioners who have leveraged Tom’s Mentorship for Nurse Practitioners for greater understanding, less stress and phenomenal personal and professional success.

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