Are the students at your educational institution prepared to confidently practice medicine in value-based, shared-risk environments?

For most schools, the answer is a resounding “no.”  If that’s your organization, it’s time to give your residents, medical students, nurse practitioner trainees, and physician assistant students the hands-on training they need to wildly succeed in delivering healthcare through value-based systems and identify which of those systems is the best employment fit for them.

Dr. Tom Davis has spent over 25 years delivering high-quality healthcare, training clinicians, residents, and students across all disciplines in the delivery of value-based healthcare through systems of shared risk. His practical, engaging curricula teach real-world skills which ensure that, upon graduation, your trainees will do more than serve–they will thrive.

With comprehensive Training for Healthcare Students, Tom empowers trainees to:

  • Gain expertise in evaluating compensation systems of their employment opportunities.
  • Stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends in value-based care delivery.
  • Build core skills for strong clinical decision making.
  • Attain high clinical confidence to deliver healthcare in a shared risk environment.
  • Develop trusted mentorship with a value-based care expert.

Most healthcare students don’t feel confident in their ability to make strong clinical decisions regardless of their compensation formulae. Gaps in their education leave them woefully underprepared to deliver quality value-based care, while a lack of understanding leaves them fearful of shared-risk payment systems. The resulting inability to effectively evaluate their employment opportunities leaves them anxious, disengaged and vulnerable to exploitation.

Tom’s training for Healthcare Students transforms participants into sought-after, self-reliant clinicians who can identify their most compatible compensations systems, find engaging employment opportunities and practice value-based medicine with confidence.

Unleash High-Performing ProfessionalsNo more boring educational videos or sub-par training modules about value-based healthcare. Tom’s innovative training will engage students with cutting-edge educational programs, through both one-on-one mentorship, group experiences and didactic instruction.

As a trusted partner to your residency, medical school, nurse practitioner program, or physician assistant program, Tom will develop a custom first-rate curriculum that gives your students their best chance at value-based care success.

Work with Tom to create the next generation of trailblazing value-based care clinicians.

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