Risk code compliance in the Medicare Advantage program is more challenging than ever before. Internal validation surveys, whistleblowing qui tam suits and private recovery audits are ramping up and increasingly likely to result in costly litigation and devastating clawbacks.  What would happen to your cashflow if you where required to return revenue that was booked three, four or even five years ago?  Under these conditions, how can you or your organization excel in Medicare Advantage with confidence?

Are you doing enough to protect your organization from the growing threat of compliance and risk coding mistakes?

Dr. Tom Davis offers Consulting for Risk Coding and Compliance to help you implement world-class risk coding compliance standards for yourself or your healthcare delivery organization, including:

  • Proven strategies for proactive, reactive, and assertive regulatory compliance.
  • A streamlined authentication process to eliminate inaccurate risk code submissions
  • Ongoing documentation training for clinicians to ensure complex requirements are met.
  • Onboarding of a professional risk coders to verify documentation before submission.
  • Outside reviews of the quality of your internal compliance systems

4 High-Value Risk-Coding Videos 


As a certified compliance officer and risk adjustment coder with over 25 years of experience in value-based care, Tom creates compliance and risk coding solutions that will dramatically improve your revenue retention.


If you’re ready to keep all the revenue you generate, prevent costly audits, and—above all—enjoy the peace of mind that only a high-performing compliance system can provide then a collaboration with Dr. Davis is essential for your success.


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