Innovation is an essential ingredient for the successful delivery value-based care. But most organizations are too busy staying afloat to spend time innovating their care delivery systems.

TPath to Value-Based Excellencehat’s where Dr. Tom Davis steps in.

Tom’s world-class “incubators” approach will help you create a laboratories of innovation within your organization.  The results will transform your delivery of healthcare services into a value-generating machine–increasing revenues, engaging clinicians and providing patient care that is only the very best.

Consulting for Value-Based Care Incubators provides organizations with:

  • A proven blueprint for the full development and implementation of a value-based care incubator.
  • Assistance in the selection of the best of clinicians for participation.
  • Mentoring incubator clinicians to create a culture of innovation within your organization.
  • Guidance in generalizing incubator successes throughout your medical staff

Over the past 25 years, Tom has refined his incubator model to achieve the highest level of performance through your value-based contracts. Whether you want to revamp your existing care delivery systems or build a new one from scratch, Consulting for Value-Based Care Incubators is a key tactic that breeds excellence.

Let Tom adapt his proven incubator model to your value-based care organization.

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