Investors in Value-Based CareValue-based healthcare is a powerful investment opportunity—but only if you have the right expertise and knowledge at hand.

When value-based care systems are designed and managed well, they yield enormous returns for investors. When they underperform, investors suffer heavy financial losses.

With Consulting for Investors in Value-Based Care, Dr. Tom Davis can ensure the success of your investment.  By expertly scaling value-based entities through systems that engage clinicians and foster a culture of innovation, he can lead your investment to increased market share and accelerated revenue growth.

Tom brings over 25 years of hard-won industry expertise to help investors:

  • Troubleshoot underperforming value-based insurance systems.
  • Vet corporate plans for investments in value-based organizations.
  • Guide boards of directors to generate consistently high performance.
  • Create systems to effectively onboard new providers and organizations to ensure that your reputation grows with your market share.
  • Develop a corporate culture of aligned, value-generating incentives, unleashing the talent of your most creative employees to innovate high-performing care delivery systems in the service of your patients.

As a long-time family physician, Tom simply understands what makes value-based care delivery work. Having long worked on “both sides of the ball”, he has developed, executed and maintained total-risk value-based care delivery systems while working full-time delivering care within them. With first-hand industry knowledge across the spectrum of managed care, including straight capitation, gain-share, shared-risk and full-risk models, Tom will give your investment strategy the edge it needs to achieve performance that will be nothing short of truly exceptional.

Don’t suffer a heavy financial loss just because of poor system design and clumsy execution–put Tom’s unique talent stack to work for you.

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