Dr. Tom Davis has spent over 25 years mastering value-based care delivery. From full-risk contracts and compliance to physician compensation and risk coding, Tom is an expert on how to deliver exceptional care in value-based environments.

Your Clinicians Need to Know…As a consultant, he helps clients achieve the true definition of “value” in healthcare today: Trusting relationships between physicians and their patients.

Through Consulting for Value-Based Care Delivery, Tom creates customized plans to develop and implement successful value-based healthcare programs. These care systems actively nurture the patient-physician relationship—and create more efficient, profitable, and sustainable business models.

Tom’s Consulting for Value-Based Care Delivery empowers organizations to:

  • Stay solvent and profitable despite decreasing reimbursement rates.
  • Develop teams of engaged clinicians in a healthy business culture.
  • Foster organization-wide understanding of the value-based care model.
  • Adapt to reduced capitation rates and increased demand on resources.
  • Create and implement a systematic approach to patient care for all clinicians.
  • Dramatically improve PCPs’ financial incentives and compensation.

As organizations master these crucial components of value-based care delivery, they naturally strengthen the bond between clinicians and patients. This is the key to unlocking the power of value-based care in any organization.

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