When it comes to the delivery of value-based, shared-risk healthcare, ongoing education for clinicians is essential for success in any healthcare organization. But most physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants lack access to the training that’s essential to improving their skills within these systems—and keeping them ahead of the curve in generating value for their patients.

That’s why Dr. Tom Davis implements customized Ongoing Provider Education programs for healthcare delivery organizations just like yours. The result? Qualified, engaged and knowledgeable clinicians who collaborate for maximum efficiency, profitability and exceptional value-based care delivery.

Implement Tom’s powerful Ongoing Provider Education programs and:

  • Create a culture of collaborative innovation across your organization.
  • Achieve sustainable revenue streams that support equitable compensation for your medical staff.
  • Systematically construct a culture of compliance that will allow you to retain your booked revenue.
  • Build a robust network of internal mentors to facilitate the professional growth of all your clinicians, new and veteran.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in value-based care delivery, Tom is a pioneer of world-class education programs for value-based care providers. His systematic approach to training clinicians empowers them with critical understanding of value-based health systems.

Cutting-Edge Provider EducationTom has personally mentored scores of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to help them achieve outstanding results. He understands that true success in value-based care requires innovative supported by ongoing, systematic education—not just the occasional training session.

By giving your clinicians access to Tom’s cutting-edge expertise, your organization can unlock the power of value-based care. Let Tom design an Ongoing Provider Education program specifically for you—and watch as your clinicians thrive.

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