The RAC program for fee-for-service Medicare was supposed to be a win-win for everyone, contractors, patients and taxpayers alike. Yet healthcare providers have been able to handicap the program, using their political influence to constantly change the rules after the game has begun—and costing you millions in lost recovery revenue in the process.  But now, change is in the air. With the opening of Medicare Advantage to the RAC program,

Exponential growth in your revenues is again possible.

With a deep, conceptual and operational understanding of the risk-coding born of long experience developing compliance systems for single and multi-specialty groups, Dr Davis can accelerate your organization’s learning curve as you enter the new and highly lucrative world of recovery audits for Medicare Advantage.

Tom can put his unique talent stack to work for you:

  • Certified as a compliance officer and risk coding specialist by the American Academy of Professional Coders
  • Creating high-performing compliance systems for single and multi-specialty group practice
  • Teaching coders and administrators how to spot inappropriate and even fraudulent risk-coding
  • Data analysis to identify high value auditing targets for exceptional financial returns

The pilot programs for the Medicare Advantage recovery audit delivered eye-popping results. The potential returns on a recovery audit program are exceedingly high. Putting my unique combination of expertise and experience to work for you can give your organization a head start and amplify your performance as you move into this new world.