Managed Medicaid systems should inspire innovation, foster efficiency, and engage the best clinicians in every state to deliver top-quality care to those who need it the most. It’s the creation of strong clinician-patient relationships that’s the key to controlling costs, improving outcomes and innovating ever more efficient systems of care.

A value-based, shared-risk approach directly with clinicians is the only way to ensure that your state’s most disadvantaged citizens have access to clinically excellent, financially sustainable healthcare.

It’s not a pipe-dream. Whether you’re a state government, contracting organization or individual clinician, Dr. Tom Davis’ Consulting for Managed Medicaid Systems brings over two decades of expertise to improve your performance under any managed-care Medicaid system. Leveraging the power of value-based, shared-risk contracting, Tom enhanced the health, increased services and generated value for thousands of Medicaid recipients with his partners in his own practice for years–and he can do the same for your beneficiaries too.

Tom will work closely with your Medicaid system and contractors to:

  • Optimize Medicaid contract design to create an environment for exponential care delivery innovations
  • Streamline and improve onboarding education for clinicians
  • Troubleshoot under-performing clinicians and provider organizations
  • Mentor individual Medicaid clinicians for organization-wide success
  • Most importantly, fulfill your mission by sustainably serving your beneficiaries with only the highest quality healthcare

Sustainable SuccessIn a value-based, shared-risk environment, Medicaid programs can be a true success for the clinicians who work within them, the patients who benefit from their care, the organizations that administer them and the taxpayers who finance them.

It’s time to bring innovation, efficiency, and excellent care to your managed Medicaid system. Whether you’re a state-government or a contracting organization, Tom can bring his unique talent stack to bear on your challenges, and help you outperform like never before.

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