Insurers investing in Medicare Advantage and direct contracting with businesses face more challenges than ever before. Competition is increasing, risk-payments are decreasing and compliance regulations are hardening more than ever.  Market share acquisition is more difficult and more expensive than ever, while your return on that market share is dropping faster and faster.

The stakes have never been higher for insurers who navigate the world of value-based healthcare.

With Consulting for Insurers, Dr. Tom Davis draws on nearly 30 years of industry experience to help mitigate the risks of today—and create success for tomorrow.

Tom works with insurers of all sizes to provide the following capabilities:

  • Onboarding brand new healthcare systems and individual clinicians for seamless integration and exceptional performance.
  • Troubleshooting under-performers.
  • Implementing high-value compliance systems tailored to your specific care contracts.
  • Innovating compliant, accurate and sustainable revenue-capturing systems, protecting your booked revenue from regulatory clawbacks.
  • Working closely with your providers to innovate solutions to better leverage the power of your value-based contracts.

As a trusted onboarding partner for insurers, Tom will identify the inefficiencies that hold your providers back from generating the resources you need to meet your regulatory challenges, engage your providers and grow your market share. Through your reputation for innovation and service, you’ll become the insurer of choice for patients seeking healthcare excellence.

Advice for Medicare Advantage InsurersTom works closely with your providers to close gaps in clinician education, identity areas for performance improvement and create an environment where innovation can thrive.

The success of your insurance company depends on the success of the providers you contract with. Tom ensures that your partners, both organizations and individual clinicians, perform at the highest level possible, so you can too.

To learn how he can help you achieve outstanding clinical and financial results.

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