Compliance LitigationEvery year, the federal government recovers billions of dollars from the healthcare industry as a result of false claims and compliance oversights–and their recovery efforts are becoming increasingly aggressive. It’s no wonder that compliance is a hot-button issue in healthcare—and within the court system.

Compliance litigation is at an all-time high, with whistleblowing qui tam actions, audit appeals, and fraud prosecutions increasing exponentially across the country.

That’s why Dr. Tom Davis offers Consulting for Compliance Litigation, empowering providers, insurers, defense teams, and litigators make their best case possible.

Tom delivers unparalleled expertise in the compliance space, including:

  • Comprehensive experience, both creating independently validated, high-performing compliance systems for and delivering care within multiple Medicare Advantage contracts.
  • 25 years of experience as a family physician working within the Medicare Advantage program from its inception.
  • Professional certifications in both risk coding and as an healthcare compliance officer.
  • Ability to prospectively analyze cases for potential returns and validity of claims.
  • Cost-effective expertise covering multiple facets of regulatory compliance, decreasing your need to retain expensive multiple experts.

Whether you’re an attorney representing a defendant in a qui tam action, a litigator prosecuting a case of fraud against a provider, or a healthcare organization involved in compliance litigation—Tom will be your edge.

Let Tom help you win your compliance litigation case.

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