Value-based and shared-risk care programs can help healthcare delivery organizations everywhere generate immense value for their patients, engagement for their clinicians and sustainable revenue for themselves.

Yet most organizations fail to effectively leverage these contracts. Due to inadequate internal resources and expertise, they’re unable to educate and support their medical staff in the transformational changes these new payment programs require.

That’s why Dr. Tom Davis offers organizations one-on-one Coaching for Clinicians. With over 25 years of experience delivering care under Medicare Advantage and other value-based and shared-risk programs, Tom brings unmatched expertise to empower organizations to guide their clinicians to financial and clinical success.

Coaching for Clinicians is designed to help you unlock the power of value-based care for the clinicians in your organization by:

  • Generating more value from your value-based contracts
  • Dramatically improving your organization’s performance within your compensation system
  • Empowering your clinicians to generate an equitable compensation with less disengagement, cynicism and burnout.
  • Mastering the complexities of value-based contracts and compliance regulations

Coach Your CliniciansTom has coached scores of clinicians to help them achieve these milestones. Under Tom’s expert guidance, your clinicians will learn the ins and outs of your value-based and shared risk healthcare systems step-by-step, until everything is crystal clear and your clinicians and their patients are both thriving.

If you’re ready to raise your organization’s performance, engage your clinicians and create a national reputation for innovation, this fully customized program will take your practice to the next level.

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